Women's VKTRY VK Gold Carbon Fiber Athletic Performance Insole

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Unmatched Energy Return and Shock Absorption to Improve Athletic Performance and Increase Injury Protection


VKTRY's ultra lightweight, carbon fiber base provides improved athletic performance and enhanced injury protection due to its full-length support, stability, and shock absorption.


While VKTRY’s carbon fiber base looks like a single piece, it is actually made from multiple layers of carbon fiber that are hand laid into a mold and then placed into an autoclave for hours. This gives the VKTRY Insole the right combination of stability and flexibility.

VKTRY’s unique, arched shape allows maximum energy storage and energy return during the natural movement of the foot - an athlete’s gait.

The carbon fiber base plates are covered with a proprietary foam cushion to provide heel stability, arch support and superior comfort.



Better Performance
It's not Magic...It's science
VKs have been tested and proven to increase ground force and explosiveness

Faster: 40 yard dash: 0.12 sec faster
Higher: Vertical jump: 1.6” higher
Farther: Broad jump: +4.0” better


Increased Protection
Independent clinical study by KSI (Korey Stringer Institute) proves that VKTRY Insoles provide significantly greater stabilization of the knee, ankle and foot which leads to less chance of lower leg injury.

Test of 263 athletes using VKs at 4 major Universities showed:

41% less foot & toe injuries
22% less lower leg injuries
“The best way to treat an injury is to protect yourself from one. The VK is the best combination of shock absorption while maintaining stability that I have ever seen on the orthotic market.” – Gary Vitti, former Head Athletic Trainer for the LA Lakers (32 years, 8 World Championships)


Improved Recovery
VKTRY Insoles have been known to help athletes recover from injuries such as Turf Toe, Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, Jones Fractures, Lisfranc, Achilles, etc.

Since all people and all injuries are not alike, we recommend you consult your doctor about all injury treatments.


Customized Flexibility
Because all athletes are not alike, VKTRY Insoles come in various flexibilities (Pro Levels) based on the size  of the athlete. A 300 pound nose tackle needs more “spring” than a 100 pound cheerleader. Simply enter your information and the VKTRY Algorithm selects the right Pro Level for you to optimize performance, protection and comfort.

Please note that this custom item ships directly from the manufacturer in Connecticut to your home and could take about 2+ weeks to arrive.

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