The Foot & Ankle Store

The Foot & Ankle Store in Waltham, MA is an orthopaedic retail store affiliated with the Massachusetts General Hospital, a world-renowned academic medical center, and one of Harvard Medical School’s oldest teaching affiliates. The mission of the store is to achieve excellence in patient-centered service through providing end-to-end orthopaedic care for patients and their families.

This new novel retail store was constructed to meet the needs of our patient population, who often find it difficult to find the best shoe wear and related products to meet their unique care and recovery needs. The Foot & Ankle Store with its unique product offerings and location next to the Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Center as well as a close proximity to the Physical Therapy Department will allow patients direct and convenient access to their orthopaedic supply needs.  Physicians from the MGH Orthopaedic Department work in conjunction with the Physical Therapy Department to select items that are carried in the store based on medical conditions.

The store has been designed to be accessible to customers in wheelchairs and with walking aids. The space will be divided between two main areas, one dedicated to medical accessories and another focused on shoes & socks.

Please know that all proceeds from the sale of items through the Foot & Ankle retail store and through its website, will be used to support the clinical, educational, and research missions of the MGH and its Foot & Ankle Service for the benefit of our patients and for improving the care we provide each day.


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