Visco-GEL® Ball-of-Foot Protection Sleeve by Pedifix

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Visco-GEL® Ball-of-Foot Protection Sleeve

Soft’N Stretch™ fabric sleeve positions a Visco-GEL® pad under the forefoot comfortably, without adhesives. Protects metatarsal heads, absorbs shock to relieve ball-of-foot pain, prevents calluses and makes shoes more comfortable. Spacious shoes will best accommodate its thickness.

  • Cushions and Protects Forefoot
  • Relieves Pain, Calluses & Burning Sensation
  • Absorbs Pressure, Friction & Shock

Cushions & Protects Completely

Small fits shoe sizes 6-9 and average width feet

Large fits shoe sizes 9+ and wide feet.

Available for left or right foot.

1 per pack.

Slide on over forefoot and big toe. Position covered gel pad under metatarsal head.

Hand wash, rinse thoroughly. Press flat in towel to remove excess moisture. Air dry completely before reuse.

If you have diabetes or poor circulation, consult your physician before using. If numbness, discoloration, irritation or additional pain occurs, discontinue use immediately. If symptoms persist, visit a foot specialist.

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