Formula 3 Antifungal Treatment (Tolnaftate 1%)

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Formula 3®Antifungal — The Preferred Effective Treatment of Athlete’s Foot and Ringworm. Fungus

1/2 oz 

For over 50 years, the FDA has approved the use of tolnaftate for the treatment of athlete’s foot and ringworm. Tolnaftate is the active ingredient in Formula 3® Antifungal.

The treatment is effective as a result of Tetra’s invention of oil-soluble tolnaftate. Formula 3® was the first product available to patients utilizing this formulation which includes

natural jojoba oil. The jojoba oil is quickly absorbed by the skin, which delivers the tolnaftate directly to the infected area.

Because jojoba is virtually identical to sebum — the oil people’s skin produces naturally– the tolnaftate in Formula 3® Antifungal quickly and effectively penetrates the skin, speeding healing to the infected areas.

In fact, Formula 3® Antifungal is so effective, that it’s received the American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal of Approval.

For best results, we recommend you apply fast-acting, quick-absorbing Formula 3® Antifungal after showering, when the skin has the greatest capacity for absorption. (See instructions below). Typically, your bottle of Formula 3® Antifungal will last between three and six months, making it an exceptional value.

Although Formula 3® Antifungal was developed to assist in healing, it may not be for everyone. Because tolnaftate has a pregnancy rating of Category C, you should consult your physician before using if you are pregnant. What’s more, the natural oils in Formula 3® Antifungal condition the skin and do not contain essential oils, so there is typically no allergic reaction to the formula. However, some with hypersensitive skin may experience redness and/or itching. If this occurs, stop treatment and contact your physician.

Formula 3® is Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

When you purchase Formula 3® Antifungal at your physician’s office, it is backed by an unconditional, patient-direct, money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with Formula 3®, simply call the toll-free 800 number on either the bottle or box for a full refund.

Three Easy Steps For Treatment


  • CLEAN IT UP! Clean the affected area and DRY thoroughly with an absorbent towel. Pay special attention to spaces between the toes. Don’t be in a rush to put on your shoes. Let your feet air out.


  • APPLY IT THIN! A thin layer of the product applied over the affected area twice daily (morning and night) or as directed by a doctor will allow the product to penetrate the tissue and reach the fungal growth area. The key is to apply it regularly, and not skip an application.


  • CHANGE IT OFTEN! Change your shoes and socks at least twice daily or whenever your feet get wet or damp. Keep extra socks with you at work or when you travel, and change them whenever needed. Wear well-fitting, ventilated shoes. Buy absorbent or special synthetic socks to wick the perspiration from your feet.


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