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Men's Synergy Compression Low Crew Sock (15-20mmGH) by Sockwell

Men's Synergy Compression Low Crew Sock (15-20mmGH) by Sockwell

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Men's Synergy - Graduated Compression Socks


Create some balance and flow in your life with the Synergy Moderate Compression Crew Socks. With perfect stripes and bold colours like Meadow, Navy, Black Stripe and Black Solid you could pick up a pair for every day of the week. An ultra light cushion sole and arch support give you the best support for the sharpest style. Other technical features include: 

  • All day and every day wear
  • Prolonged sitting or standing
  • Flying and travel
  • Exercise and recovery
  • Minor to moderate swelling of the feet
  • Minor to moderate varicose veins



  • Spandex throughout the sock
  • Graduated compression leg
  • Turn welt top
  • Arch support
  • Seamless toe closure


Ultra light cushion sole


31% Merino Wool
31% Bamboo Rayon
30% Stretch Nylon
8% Spandex