Pedi-Smart® Compression Anklet Black by Pedifix

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The Pedi-Smart® Compression Anklet helps control edema after injury or surgery.

  • Supports Weak or Injured Ankles
  • Provides Gentle Compression (Grade III, 30-40mm Hg) (CCL2)
  • Lightweight Elastic Bandage Stretches Comfortably for Optimal Fit

Helps Control Edema After Injury or Surgery

  • Provides graduated compression from metatarsals to calf to assure increased venous activity
  • Eases pain, reduces swelling and speeds healing
  • Lightweight elastic stretches comfortably for optimal fit
  • Use conservatively following ankle sprains, post-op after foot or ankle surgery
  • Provides Grade III compression (30-40mmHG)

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